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Thank you

I thank you for the talk
I thank you for the many times
and many miles shared
and the incredible memories created

this past week
past month
past year
past decade plus

and most importantly
I am forever grateful
for the shared journey
and beautiful best friendship
for life

Thank you dear soul
Thank you

Incredible shared week

Thank you for sharing such a special week...
Words can't express the gratitude for the journey
and a sacred held
best friendship
for life

Soul Friends

"A soul friend is someone with whom we can share our greatest joys and deepest fears, confess our worst sins and most personal faults, clarify our highest hopes, and perhaps most unarticulated dreams" (Ed Sellner)

"I have not stopped thanking God for you"  (Ephesians 1:16)

Summer Gratitude

As the dawn of summer is upon us
I am grateful
for a beautiful shared day
beautiful shared winter/spring
beautiful shared journey
and every precious moment
with those most loved

Embodied Justice

In the current state of our country and world I am mindful of how important it is
to take a stand
to advocate
to work towards meeting the needs of individuals and societies...

In our workshop the speaker invited us to think of "embodied justice". ... As we had 2 minutes to free write
That which flowed is here

Embodied Justice

Embodied justice
Consider, , Contemplate

For all we listen
For all we hear
humbled questions
both far and near

What seems apparent
not always true
for whose "truth" do you
say and do?

Embodied justice
Consider, , Contemplate

Dismantle "isms" here and now
Dismantle "isms"
Show us how

Embodied justice
Consider, , Contemplate


Another beautiful shared day
Amidst a beautiful shared week...
I am mindful that researchers say
the attitude of gratitude
is good for the body, mind, and soul
I pause in gratitude
for the journey

May. 19th, 2017

Grateful for
the week
this past month
precious shared times
and the incredible journey

Beautiful weekend; beautiful day

In gratitude for an incredible weekend
The precious walk of life
and amazing shared afternoon...

Thank you dear soul
for the sharing
for your time
for the best friendship
for life

and a sacred shared journey
You are loved
and I am grateful
for the precious walk of life. ....
As the academic year comes to a close and the summer dawns
I pause in gratitude
for a beautiful day
and incredible year

Easter Gratitude

In gratitude for the times shared with loved ones this past week
In gratitude that amidst the precious nature of life and humanity
for the beautiful saving love and grace
of the good Lord
In gratitude


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